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 The Healthaliciously Good Cookbook:

Amazing healthy recipes that will WOW you and your family.


. "Aur�lie Par�'s bursting enthusiasm for the pleasure of healthy cooking is contagious. What a great model she is for the Y generation who, too often, relies on processed, ready-to-eat foods. Her creativity and practical way of thinking let us discover foods from here and more exotic places"

-Louise Desaulniers, dietitian and co-author of The Part-Time Vegetarian



"This young cook has shown her natural talents and creativity in this cookbook, breathing new life into old-favorites and vegetarian staples of beans and lentils. Aurelie has provided quick and convenient healthy meals that those new to and experienced with vegetarian cooking will enjoy.

Several of the recipes tried will become regulars in my house. With as fast and flavourful as the Salsa is, there is no reason to subject yourself to commercially prepared salsa. Its versatility allows for a quick job of bruschetta too. The Lentil Rice Pilaf is a great intro meal for those new to eating lentils and is fast enough to put together the night before for a packed lunch. Over Roasted Potatoes are given a new twist with Montreal Steak Spice. No need to wait for a holiday to make Sweet Potato Pie- enjoy this delicious way to get some orange veggies into your diet anytime. So smooth and creamy, it is great warm or cold! The crust is surprisingly simple and turned out like a charm- it will be replacing more labor intensive crusts in other favourite recipes. The delicious Back To Basic Burgers make for a great meal and is one of the few veggie burger recipes that doesn't call for gluten to hold it together, allowing even those on a gluten-free diet to enjoy them. Preparing the REd Lentil Beanballs won't keep you in the kitchen all afternoon, they're pretty quick to make and I suggest to always make a double or triple batch- stopping at the suggested serving of 4 is hard to do and they're tasty little leftovers to have on hand. With seeing the unusual seasoning combination in the Savory Lentil Loaf, it was a must try. It's a little reminiscent of homemade holiday stuffing but is a much more flavourful and nutritious entr�e that can be made any time of the year. The Chickpea Vegetable Soup is a perfectly balanced soup . Initially, the pasta seems a little skimpy but once cooked, it`s the perfect amount. There is only three words to describe A Rice Pudding- Yummy, yummy, yummy! Even made without the apple juice, the apricots lend plenty of sweetness. And finally, getting fresh greens straight away in the morning doesn`t get any better than a Green Mango Lassi.

Hopefully, Aurelie is a sign that the younger and coming generations will demand better quality food that what has predominated over the past 3 decades, leading us to epidemic proportions of disease. Congratulations to this young, self-taught chef!``

-Rebecca Bilodeau, RD, The Holistic Dietitian



"Aur�lie Par�'s first book is a breath of fresh air! The content, originality of the recipes and the useful and attractive layout make this book very well made. I am touched that a young girl of 14 years of age fully invested herself in such a project for nearly 3 years. What a wonderful example of perseverance, determination, and openness to eating alternatively. Aur�lie encourages us to open our eyes in order to adopt new eating habits for the benefit of our health and that of the planet. Hopefully today's youth will realize their dreams for a better world as did Aur�lie."

-C�line Arsenault, ND. A., author and speaker



"I recently bought The Healthaliciously Good Cookbook for my 16 year old son, a new vegetarian who has Celiac' s disease. I've found The Healthaliciously Good Cookbook very well red written and colourful and easy to read.

The first recipe we tried from The Healthaliciously Good Cookbook was the Autumn Vegetable Pasta Sauce. What an awesome recipe! So delicious and healthy, the whole family loved it. Definitely one that we will be making often.

Congratulations on a superb cookbook!"

-Helen, Nova Scotia



" Just writing to say great job on your cookbook! My mother picked up a copy of your book for me in Moncton. As a registered nurse and vegetarian I can certainly say that I am thoroughly impressed by your recipes. I made the Red Lentil Beanballs and I am on my way out to pick up the ingredients for the Sweet Potato Pie (and a couple more recipes)."

-Kathy, Nova Scotia


"...This is much more than just an ordinary cookbook. It�s an excellent learning tool for families, written by a very smart and creative young author...more."

-Cooking With Kids, Bella Online



"A great introductory cookbook. At first glance: clean, clear and with enticing photos. A big plus is the spiral binding, a proof that she's an experienced cook, because the book conveniently stays on the right page when lying flat on the counter.

Attention has been placed on making it user friendly. Tips and tricks for variations, and Q&A. I particularly like that the nutritional content is listed for each recipe. This is a great way to prove that plant based diets are rich in nutrients.

I'm amazed by the sheer knowledge of an author as young as Aurelie. At the age of 14, she can teach adults a lot! Healthaliciously is not just a cookbook, it's a complete cooking class. And not just for cooking, but also for veganism. All the important resources to feel self-confident in a kitchen are present: list of tools in the kitchen, glossary of food ingredients and alternatives, cooking chart for beans and so on. We also find mentions of organic, local, and even wheat-free options.

But what about the recipes? We find all the recipes needed to fill up our menu with healthy and tasty meals: salads, soups, main courses, desserts, breakfasts and beverages. And Aurelie is right when she writes �my family's favorites�. All of those that I tried will be made again! And the recipes are easy to prepare. I like that!

So for me, living in Quebec, the only thing I see missing from this cookbook is the French translation. This way, I could give copies to my relatives and be sure to eat well and eat vegan whenever I visit them. :)"

-St�phane Groleau,  eco-vegan film maker, www.veganquebec.net


''I'm just emailing to express my thanks for writing such great cookbook. I received it as a Christmas present and have used it several times since getting it. I'm a long-time vegan and I am pretty picky about my cookbooks (I own many) and yours is one of the best I've ever used. So far we've made the Starring Celery Salad, Back to Basics Burgers, Curried Carrot Soup, Vegetable Sunshine Soup (we added sweet potato to it and that worked out well), and the Vanilla Muffins (with some shredded coconut added in)..  My favourite so far has been the Savory Lentil Loaf.  Prior to your book, my favourite lentil loaf recipe has been the Sunflower Lentil Pie from Dreena Burton's book "Vive le Vegan" but I actually liked your recipe more.  Not only did it have a very different texture but I found more flavourful. 

It's obvious that a lot of care went into the construction of the book especially having it coiled-bound which makes it a lot easier to keep the page open (I don't know why every cookbook isn't coil-bound).  Also I liked the instructions for cooking grains and other information included.  Needless to say I'm really impressed with the quality of the recipes and the how well written the  book is.''


''Félicitations pour un merveilleux livre de recettes quelquechose que je cherchais.  Je l'ai trouvé au Chapters ici à Ottawa et j'y revenais souvent parce que j'étais impessionné de ta connaissance ainsi que les belles recettes, j'aime avoir le calcul nutritionel de chaque recette, merci et continue ton beau travail.  J'ai pensé que tu étais francophone mais je suis contente que ton livre est en anglais, c'est bizzare je préfère mes livres de recette en anglais mais je suis complètement francophone.  Merci pour les photos celà m'a incité davantage à l'acheter.''

-Rachel Godin, Ottawa, ON. 


"...The recipes focus on whole foods, simple to obtain ingredients, and natural sweeteners such as fruits, juices, and purees. For those who take liberties with cookbook guidelines, Pare provides alternative suggestions as well as allergy related options. I especially enjoy that the dishes are creative, fresh, and not your typical stuffy vegan cookbook recipes. Even the names are fun. Try, for example, the Spinaci Pesto Cream Sauce or Red Pepper Extravaganza Pasta. If it's soup you're looking for, maybe the Creamy Coconut Tomato Soup, Vegetable Black-eyed Pea Soup, or Coconut Curry Stew will fill the bill. And Aurelie includes a wonderful Back to Basics Burger that can replace all those boxed veggie burgers currently stuffing your freezer..."

-Vegfamily Magazine